COUNCIL MEMBERS: Pauline Scanlon (chairperson), Elizabeth Blackwell (secretary), John Blackwell, Mona Buckley, Michael Burke, Margaret Cassidy, Siobhán Costello, Anne Fitzgibbon, Kathleen Gallagher, Ann Grealish, Fionnuala Hayes, Mary Holland (sacristan, Ballysteen), Mossy Hynan, Josephine Kiff, Margaret McGovern, Éamonn Madigan, Jackie Madigan, Maureen Meade, Gerry Moloney, Pat Neville, Peggy Neville, Mary Noonan, Paddy O Donoghue, Carmel Plant, Mary Ranahan, Caroline Sheahan, Eileen Shields (sacristan, Askeaton).

JUNIOR PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS: Eoin Holland (Chairman), Aisling Kiff (Secretary), Jeff Duggan, Chris Kelly, Dylan Murphy, Trish Nestor, Brian O Mahony, Jamie O Sullivan, Darragh Ranahan, Cian Smith, Colm Sweeney, Jack Walsh, Orla Walsh, TaraWalsh.

The Pastoral Council consists of the following sub-committees, which include several more parishioners:

BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT seeks to help to bring comfort and support in various ways to parishioners who have been bereaved.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE advises on and helps with the maintenance of the churches, the grounds and the parochial houses.  It also includes an Altar Society for the purpose of aiding the sacristans in cleaning the churches and flower arranging.

DEVELOPMENT tries to focus the vision of the Pastoral Council on the parish as a whole, to identify some of the broader needs of the parish and to organize an appropriate response to them.  Its task is to foster a general care of parishioners.

FAITH DEVELOPMENT seeks to identify the further spiritual needs of the people of the parish and of the members of the Pastoral Council and to respond to them.  The committee concerns itself with true evangelization.

LITURGY, believing that the liturgy is at the heart of parish life, helps to plan the celebration of various liturgies and promotes the involvement of the congregation in these liturgies.

SPIRITUAL GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE maintains the spiritual church garden and plans for its continual development.

The parish also has a FINANCE COMMITTEE which advises on general financial policy, the administration of the material goods of the parish, and all items of medium to major expenditure.

OTHER PARISH GROUPS: Adult Choir and Organist, Apostolic Workers, Pioneer Total Abstinence Association, St. Vincent de Paul Society.